Professional Awards

This year we have streamlined our Business Awards categories to focus on the most hotly contested areas. These have been grouped with awards reserved for individuals under the umbrella of Professional Awards. 

Categories open for Entry September 1, 2020
Business entry deadline: October 3, 2021
People entry deadline: November 1, 2021

Business Awards:

 Best Place to Work

Every good enterprise knows that success begins with staff and being a good employer will give a company an edge over its competition. What does your company do to attract, retain, reward and motivate its employees?


The Sustainability Award

How are you considering sustainability? We are looking for product or system design that contributes to lowering energy consumption or waste as well as ways in which a company is ensuring it minimises its own environmental impact.


The Business Growth Award

We are looking for examples of sustainable and intelligent growth strategies. It can be organic, or by acquisition. Submissions detailing expansion that is geographic, extends a product/service portfolio or grows turnover or profit will all be accepted.


The R&D Award

Research and development is the engine of any technology company. We are interested in how your company identifies future needs todevelop products that push this industry forward. We want to know examples of creativity, innovation and disruption within your R&D strategy.



People Awards:

 Consultant or Project Manager of the Year

Consultants and project managers can be nominated as part of a project entry if their contribution is highlighted clearly within that entry. If you wish to nominate someone or enter yourself only for the Consultant or Project Manager of the Year award you must provide a statement explaining why the individual or company in question is a worthy winner.

Where possible, worthy winners should demonstrate the ability to:
• Present original proposals to meet a client's requirements;
• Develop innovative solutions to tackle challenges within a project;
• Successfully co-ordinate different stakeholders and contractors within a project;
• Deliver projects on-time, within budget and to the satisfaction of the client.


Outstanding Contribution to AV

This award recognises individuals who have positively changed the AV industry.If you wish to nominate someone or enter yourself for the Outstanding Contribution award you must provide a statement explaining how the individual in question has positively impacted the AV industry. We're specifically looking for those that have had an impact felt beyond their own organisation.

Areas where worthy winners may have excelled:
• Pioneered a change in AV industry operations (eg related to safety, standards or procedures);
• Invented or commercialised a remarkable progression of an existing or new technology;
• Champion of AV to other industries;
• Encouraged and promoted achievements of others.


“It was perfect, I was really happy with all the details.”

Levent Taşçılar, İş Geliştirme Müdürü, Astel LED

“Celebrating the many achievements of this fantastic industry together with partners, suppliers and even competitors on the night of the Inavation Awards is always a special occasion not to miss.”

Christian Hofer, Kraftwerk

“It was a wonderful experience and it was great for connecting.”

Chris Hope, The Loop Lab