Congratulations to all finalists and winners across the 2024 Inavation Awards Technology categories.

The winners are…


·       Winner -- AV Stumpfl Blackpeak projection screen

·       B-Tech AV Mounts BT8228 flat screen wall mount
·       Chief Tempo flat panel wall mount system
·       Ctouch Android upgrade module
·       Euromet Tecn Opera interactive monitor & projector screen cart
·       Extron Cable Cubby F55 Edge
·       Gude Systems Expert Power Control 1121 power distribution unit
·       Kindermann DisplayShift² 67-107 mounting solution 
·       Kramer USB-C- cable
·       Peerless-AV Seamless Kitted series universal dvLED mounting system

Audio (non-loudspeaker) 

·       Winner -- Optimal Audio Zone & WebApp zonal audio controller

·       BZBGear BG-A1616MD 16x16 audio matrix DSP processor
·       Ecler Vida series digital amplifiers
·       Extron XPA Ultra FX power amplifiers
·       Powersoft Unica amplifier platform
·       Renkus-Heinz OmniBeam software
·       Snap One Episode Radiance outdoor music and lighting system
·       Streamit Iris wireless audio system

Cloud-Enabled Technology 

·       Winner -- Cue Cloud solution

·       Jetbuilt project management solution
·       SpectralBot platform
·       Streamit BV Claudio cloud based business music platform

Communication & Collaboration 

·       Winner -- Clevertouch By Boxlight Impact Lux interactive touchscreen

·       Aten PresentON VP2021- 4K wireless presentation switch
·       AVer Europe MT300N video matrix tracking box
·       Avocor L series ultrawide display
·       Barco Clickshare CX-50 2nd generation wireless conferencing product
·       Dten D7X all-in-one video collaboration board
·       Kindermann Klick&Show wireless collaboration & conferencing product
·       Middle Atlantic Forum collaboration suite conferencing peripherals - display stand
·       Proximus Telindus Luxembourg Cisco room kit EQ
·       Yealink MeetingBoard

Communication and Collaboration (AV Capture Device)

·       Winner -- Shure Microflex Advance MXA902 integrated conferencing ceiling array

·       AVer Europe CAM570 4K dual lens conference camera
·       Jabra PanaCast 50 videobar 
·       Logitech Sight tabletop meeting room camera
·       Nureva HDL410 audio conferencing system
·       Owl Bar by Owl Labs
·       Vaddio RoboShot 30E-M HD PTZ camera
·       Yealink SmartVision 60 videoconference product

Content, Streaming & Broadcast 

·       Winner -- Vaddio AV Bridge Nano

·       AVer Europe MD120UI medical grade 4K PTZ camera
·       BZBGear BG-ADAMO-JR 1080p live streaming PTZ camera with tally lights
·       Seada Technology G502 RH AV-over-IP device

Digital Signage

·       Winner -- Unilumin USK-COB DOOH display

·       Kvant Lasers LogoLas laser display projector
·       Matrox Luma series graphics card
·       Clevertouch a Boxlight brand CM Totem display


·       Winner -- LED Studio Curvus series flexible LED display

·       Barco G50 1-DLP projector 
·       Barco UniSee II LCD
·       Kindermann TD-30105-UW 105-in touchscreen
·       Maxhub ultrawide 5K display
·       Sharp NEC Display Solutions LED-FE009i2-104 LED display
·       Unilumin XS rental display
·       Unilumin UMicro professional display

Events Technology 

·       Winner - Barco UDM 4K30 3-DLP projector 

·       AV Stumpfl Pixera 2.0 real-time media server platform
·       Cameo Pixbar 400 IP generation 2 IP65 RGBW LED bar
·       Extron MGP 641 xi with LinkLicense 4K/60 HDMI multi-window processor
·       Holotronica Holoporter portable hologram unit
·       Hypervsn SmartV holographic live-stream
·       Megapixel Helios LED processing platform & 100G fibre input
·       Unilumin UpadIV Pro Rental Display


·       Winner -- K-array Lyzard

·       1 Sound Contour CT212
·       Audiofocus Cyris CX6
·       Biamp Desono C-IC6LP
·       Genelec Smart IP 4435A, 4436A
·       Meyer Sound 2100-LFC low-frequency control element

Monitoring & Control 

·       Winner -- Datapath VSN V3 videowall processor

·       Barco CTRL software platform for control rooms
·       Biamp Apprimo Touch 8i touchscreen and integrated controller
·       Colorlight Cloud Tech ColorAdept+Z8t LED Control Platform
·       Crestron Desk Scheduling hardware
·       Cue touchCUE-10-W touchpanel and controller
·       Cyviz monitoring and remote management platform
·       Extron ControlScript programming using VSCode for Extron control processors
·       Kramer Control KT-208 control panel
·       Snap One Control4 Core Lite system controller

Signal Distribution & Processing 

·       Winner -- Extron NAV Pro AV over IP solution

·       Brompton Technology Tessera G1 receiver card
·       CYP OR-V32SDMI multi-format matrix switcher with USB Ethernet hub
·       Datapath Limited Aligo TX100 high scalable transmitter
·       Hive BeeBlade media server
·       Just Add Power MaxColor 4K60 Series 2 transmitter and receiver
·       Modulo Pi Modulo Kinetic media server
·       Netgear M4350 series pro AV switches
·       PureLink Media Axis 2 cross-platform matrix switcher
·       tvONE Coriomaster2 MK2 video processor
·       VuWall TRx 3.5 videowall management platform software
·       WyreStorm NetworkHD 120 series 4K30 4:2:0 encoder & decoder